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Chain of Command: Navigating the Uncharted Waters of Integrating Blockchain with Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Oliver Bodemer
Oliver Bodemer
Oliver Bodemer

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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The integration of Blockchain technology with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems presents a novel approach to enhancing organizational data security, transparency, and operational efficiency. This research navigates through the uncharted waters of this integration, exploring its potential, challenges, and implications through a comprehensive investigation and three distinct case studies. The case studies, derived from varied industries, illuminate the practicalities, hurdles, and triumphs experienced by organizations in implementing and operating within a Blockchain-enhanced ERP environment. Through a meticulous comparative analysis, this study aims to unravel the strategic, technical, and organizational layers involved in such integration, providing insights and recommendations for practitioners and researchers embarking on this digital expedition. The findings of this research are anticipated to pave the way for further explorations and developments in the realm of ERP and Blockchain convergence, steering the organizational technological advancements towards a future of secured, transparent, and efficient operational ecosystems.