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Failure Management in 5G RAN: Challenges and Open Research Lines
  • Antonio Tarrías ,
  • Sergio Fortes ,
  • Raquel Barco
Antonio Tarrías
Telecommunication Research Institute (TELMA), Telecommunication Research Institute (TELMA)

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Sergio Fortes
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Raquel Barco
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Failure management is one of the key aspects in cellular networks. 5G technology is introducing several novel features that will cause the occurrence of new problems in the network. The objective of the present work is to identify which features may lead to potential network failures. In this way, a subset of problems has been identified and categorized. They were analyzed in order to know how they are in line with 3GPP specifications. Based on this, the present work proposes a novel failure management approach, applying it for failure simulation and impact analysis over the network performance.
2023Published in IEEE Network on pages 1-7. 10.1109/MNET.131.2200528