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Semi-supervised Multi-graph-attention for Breast Cancer Detection
  • Mohamed Ibrahim
Mohamed Ibrahim
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Mammography is the most widely used breast screening method for early detection and routine monitoring of breast cancer. Most mammogram classification or segmentation techniques are limited to simple binary classifications of the abnormalities in mammograms or classifying specific cropped regions. However, these methods encode merely the texture features of the X-ray-filmed lesions, despite the relationships and patterns. Thus, most of these models have inefficient learning capacities, hindered by supervised learning processes that require extensive annotated data, which is not feasible in the medical domain. To overcome these challenges, we model the deep texture and spatial features of every small segment of the mammogram in a complex multi-graph network.
Moreover, we proposed a semi-supervised mammogram multi-graph attention network (MMGAT) to classify each element into all probabilistic categories. The attention and the dense relationships in the multi-graph network empower the proposed model with significant learning capacities, resulting in a competitive performance outperforming the recent state-of-the-art mammogram classification models. The proposed model can localise every abnormal segment of the mammogram and classify each as a malignant or benign region of a mass or calcification cancerous. The proposed MMGAT requires only 40\% of the data for training to achieve the highest AUC of 0.97 and an F1 score of 0.95 on the publically available DDSM.