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A Facial Recognition and Detection System using openVC
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  • Yaman Goel ,
  • Ishu Gupta ,
  • Pooja Rani ,
  • Ashutosh Kumar Singh
Yaman Goel
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Ishu Gupta
National Sun Yat-Sen University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Pooja Rani
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Ashutosh Kumar Singh
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A novel scheme is proposed to process the real-time images according to requirements, captured in a computer web camera. By making use of open source computer vision library (OpenCV) and applying its in-built functions, we can easily detect human faces and then match them against the training sets (face images stored in the database) to recognize a human’s identity. Image handling and processing are done using basic library methods. These library functions are able to capture images from a webcam, create windows to hold the images at run time, save them in the database and process them to check exact likeness. CascadeClassifier is used for face detection, and HaarCascade is used for this purpose. FaceRecognizer class is used for face recognition. EigenFaces, FisherFaces and Local Binary Patterns are the basic methods that can be used for this. Images are stored in form of a CSV database.