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Design of a Collective Intelligence Platform for Facilitating the Silver Economy: An Exhaustive User-Centered Evaluation
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  • Sidra Azmat Butt ,
  • Shweta Suran ,
  • ingrid pappel ,
  • Marina Weck ,
  • Dirk Draheim
Sidra Azmat Butt
Tallinn University of Technology

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Shweta Suran
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ingrid pappel
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Marina Weck
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Dirk Draheim
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As the size of the silver generation grows, the demographic shift poses both challenges and opportunities in embracing innovation and technology. This study delves into the challenges and barriers faced by the silver generation when using digital platforms. It focuses on a collective intelligence platform, the Digital Silver Hub, and two age groups of older adults within the silver generation: adults aged 55 to 65 and those aged 65 and over. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with representatives of both age groups from the Baltic Sea Region. Thematic analysis results revealed challenges faced by each group, their expectations from the Digital Silver Hub, the importance of a user-friendly interface, concerns about data privacy and security, and the potential impacts of the platform. The research findings emphasize the importance of adopting a user-centric evaluation when designing the platform. The recommendations generated from this study can guide the development of user-friendly solutions, empowering and enriching the lives of the silver generation in our increasingly digitalized world.