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IPM Monitor for Nondestructive Diagnostics of Wide Beams in Applied Research
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  • Askar Issatov ,
  • Yurii Teterev ,
  • Semen Mitrofanov ,
  • Alexey Krylov ,
  • K.D. Timoshenko
Askar Issatov
Joint Institue for Nuclear Research

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Yurii Teterev
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Semen Mitrofanov
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Alexey Krylov
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K.D. Timoshenko
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An IPM monitor to measure a detailed profile of the beam has been developed and constructed. The monitor was developed in the course of modernization of the structure operating on the basis of electric field scanning. The monitor also consists of an extractor, a scanner and two electrostatic analyzers in series. A system to control the monitor and process the data has been developed and produced. As a result of performance testing of the monitor it is established that it allows detailed measurements of the profiles of wide beams with a resolution of 1.5х1.5 mm2. It is found that the monitor minimum sensitivity is n‧103 particle/cm2‧s for the 132Хе26+ ion beam with the energy 1.2 MeV/nucleon and the pressure 5 10-4 Pa of permanent gas in the diagnostic unit. The monitor fits for control of both creation of a uniform distribution of the beam profile and continuous observation of uniformity variations during exposition. The detail profile monitors have been developed for the 45 mm diameter beam for a setup to conduct studies in the field of radiobiology and for the 60mm diameter beam for investigation of radiation effects of radioelectronic equipment.