December 07, 2022
Gaming in the Cloud: 5G as the pillar for future gaming approaches
Carlos Baena
July 30, 2023
Impact of CPU Resource Allocation on vRAN Performance in O-Cloud
María Hervás-Gutiérrez , Eduardo Baena , Carlos Baena , et al.
July 24, 2023
Assessing the impact of computational resources to the Quality of Experience provided...
Carlos Baena , Maria Hervás-Gutierrez , Eduardo Baena , et al.
June 07, 2023
ML-based communications management for XR services
Oswaldo Peñaherrera , Carlos Baena , Sergio Fortes , et al.
November 08, 2022
Video Streaming and Cloud Gaming services over 4G and 5G: a complete network and serv...
Carlos Baena , Oswaldo Peñaherrera , Lourdes Camacho , et al.