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A Global Asymptotically Stable Nonlinear Robust Bias Observer for MEMS Gyros
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  • Ning Tang ,
  • Jieling Chang ,
  • Lingling Wang ,
  • Li Fu ,
  • Konstantin A. Neusypin ,
  • Maria S. Selezneva ,
  • Linping Peng
Ning Tang
Beihang University and Bauman Moscow State Technical University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Jieling Chang
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Lingling Wang
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Konstantin A. Neusypin
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Maria S. Selezneva
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Linping Peng
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In practical applications, commercial-grade Micro-Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS) gyros tend to exhibit dynamics sensitivities which are resistant to modeling by linear drift. To address the problem, a new nonlinear robust bias observer (NRBO) is proposed in this paper. Unlike the existing attitude and gyro bias nonlinear observers, we propose a dynamics-sensitive gyro bias decomposition method to tackle unknown nonlinear dynamic models of MEMS gyro bias. We expose the potential advantages of the proposed method: the global asymptotic stability of the NBRO and the robustness to the bias instability of MEMS gyros can be guaranteed through a rational design of the attitude-angular rate nonlinear dynamic coupling (AARNDC) term and the attitude-linear coupling (ALC) term. In addition, the attitude estimation with bias correction is given in the framework of NBRO. The experiment of a cable-parallel robot demonstrate the robustness to the bias instability and the accuracy improvement of MEMS gyros.