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  • Shreya Garg ,
  • Namita Goyal
Shreya Garg
Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Namita Goyal
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The growing cases of Covid-19 are a cause of concern all around the world. The major reason for this pandemic is the carelessness of people. Thus, it is important to look for solutions that help people in the long run. Wearing a mask is the most efficacious way to solve this problem. Roads being the most common way of transportation imply need of mask, road traffic and license plate detection systems and are something that are growing in demand. The detection system would be able scan people's faces and detect whether a person is wearing a mask correctly or not, detect current vehicles on road with their respective license plates. The system uses techniques that involve deep learning and a YOLOv3 detection model. Deep learning involves the use of neural networks while YOLOv3 involves detecting objects for a given image. This work involves inputting an image, video or live video which will lead to detection of mask on a person's face, detection of type of road traffic and detection of license plate of the vehicle by drawing a rectangular box. The project will ultimately make transportation management easier.