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SDMAC: A Software-Defined MAC for Wi-Fi to Ease Implementation of Soft Real-time Applications
  • Gianluca Cena ,
  • Stefano Scanzio ,
  • Adriano Valenzano
Gianluca Cena
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Stefano Scanzio

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Adriano Valenzano
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In distributed control systems where devices are connected through Wi-Fi, direct access to low-level MAC operations may help applications to meet their timing constraints. In particular, the ability to timely control single transmission attempts on air, by means of software programs running at the user space level, eases the implementation of mechanisms aimed at improving communication timeliness and reliability. Relevant examples are deterministic traffic scheduling, seamless channel redundancy, rate adaptation algorithms, and so on. In this paper, a novel architecture is defined, we call SDMAC, which in its current embodiment relies on conventional Linux PCs equipped with commercial Wi-Fi adapters. Preliminary SDMAC implementation on a real testbed and its experimental evaluation showed that integrating this paradigm in existing protocol stacks constitutes a viable option, whose performance suits a wide range of applications characterized by soft real-time requirements.
Jun 2019Published in IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics volume 15 issue 6 on pages 3143-3154. 10.1109/TII.2018.2873205