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A heuristic approach of radiometric calibration for ocean colour sensors
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  • Anurag Gupta ,
  • Mini Raman ,
  • K N Babu ,
  • Syed Moosa Ali ,
  • Bimal Bhattacharya
Anurag Gupta
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Mini Raman
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Syed Moosa Ali
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Bimal Bhattacharya
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Ocean colour spectral observations play a significant contribution in mapping the earth marine resources through measurements with its inverted geo-physical/bio-physical parameters.The retrieval of parameters from the basic sensor measurements highly depend on atmospheric scattering and absorption of light energy by its constituents. Hence the quantitative applications using these datasets directly affected by the uncertainty in radiative transfer modeling towards atmospheric scattering and absorption and associated sensor degradation with time. Here authors presented an automation of radiometric calibration approach for ocean colour monitor of Oceansat-II (Jan 2017 - Dec 2017) dataset through top of the atmosphere radiance simulation, a non-linear optimization technique. This algorithm also provides an alternative approach of calibrating the sensor vicariously through reduced dependency of systematic congruent in-situ measurements. Kavaratti in Lakshadweep, India is already a well-known site for calibrating the ocean colour sensors. The OCM cloud free images over this calibration site are utilized to perform its radiometric assessment for the year 2017 using radiative transfer model coupled with bio-optical model where the synchronous, relevant model inputs are simulated.