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A Comprehensive Review on Planar Magnetics and the Structures to Reduce the Parasitic Elements and Improve Efficiency
  • Pouya Kolahian ,
  • Ferdinand Grimm ,
  • Mehdi Baghdadi
Pouya Kolahian
University College London

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Ferdinand Grimm
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Mehdi Baghdadi
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Due to the necessity for highly efficient and compact power electronic converters to operate at higher frequencies, traditional wire-wound magnetics are not suitable. A comprehensive review of planar magnetic technologies is provided in this paper, which discusses the advantages as well as the disadvantages that can be associated with them. An extensive review of research literature is presented with the purpose of suggesting models for planar magnetics. Several strategies are presented to overcome the shortcomings of planar magnetics, such as winding conduction loss, leakage inductance, and winding capacitance. The purpose of this study is to provide engineers and researchers with a clear roadmap to designing planar magnetic devices.
05 Apr 2023Published in Energies volume 16 issue 7 on pages 3254. 10.3390/en16073254