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Optically-Pumped Coupled Ridge Waveguide Semiconductor Laser
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

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In this paper, we propose an integrated design of an in-plane optically-pumped edge-emitting ridge-waveguide semiconductor laser, wherein the pump radiation is transferred to the active region of the laser through evanescent wave coupling from an adjacent coupled ridge waveguide. The proposed design of the laser is based on In1-xGaxAsyP1-y/InP heterostructure, with a pump at 1310 nm wavelength and lasing around 1550 nm. In order to simulate the steady-state characteristics of the optically-pumped semiconductor laser, we suitably modify the well-established Connelly’s model for semiconductor optical amplifiers (SOAs). The validity of the model for semiconductor lasers is established by showing that the evolution of simulated longitudinal modes and the output characteristics conform with the laser theory. For the chosen device parameters, under optimum operating conditions, the threshold pump power is found to be ≈ 70 mW with a high pump power conversion efficiency (i.e. output laser power/input pump power) of 61%. The proposed all-optically pumped semiconductor laser could be in the form of a 2-port fiber pig-tailed stand-alone device, without the need for any bias current.