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The Architectural Design of Service Management and Orchestration in 6G Communication Systems
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  • Mohammad Asif Habibi ,
  • Adrián Gallego Sánchez ,
  • Ignacio Labrador Pavon ,
  • Bin Han ,
  • Pablo Serrano ,
  • Jesus Perez-Valero ,
  • Antonio Virdis ,
  • Hans Dieter Schotten
Mohammad Asif Habibi
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Adrián Gallego Sánchez
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Ignacio Labrador Pavon
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Pablo Serrano
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Jesus Perez-Valero
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Antonio Virdis
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Hans Dieter Schotten
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In this poster paper, we propose and demonstrate an architectural framework for service Management and Orchestration (M&O) in Sixth-Generation (6G) communication systems. This architecture was designed by the Hexa-X project, which is a European flagship project dedicated to developing a vision and  technological enablers for 6G. To provide a comprehensive and  high-level description, we consider three views: (i) Functional  View; (ii) Structural View; and (iii) Deployment View. We first  discuss 6G service M&O before delving deeper into each view.