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An Approximate Maximum Likelihood Method for the Joint Estimation of Range and Doppler of Multiple Targets in OFDM-Based Radar Systems
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  • Michele Mirabella ,
  • Pasquale Di Viesti ,
  • Giorgio Matteo Vitetta
Michele Mirabella
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Pasquale Di Viesti
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Giorgio Matteo Vitetta
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In this manuscript, an innovative method for the detection and the estimation of multiple targets in a radar system employing orthogonal frequency division multiplexing is illustrated. The core of this method is represented by a novel algorithm for the detection of multiple superimposed two-dimensional complex tones in the presence of noise and the for estimation of their parameters. This algorithm is based on a maximum likelihood approach and combines a single tone estimator with a serial cancellation procedure. Our numerical results lead to the conclusion that the developed method can achieve a substantially better accuracy-complexity trade-off than various related techniques in the presence of closely spaced targets.
Aug 2023Published in IEEE Transactions on Communications volume 71 issue 8 on pages 4862-4876. 10.1109/TCOMM.2023.3280562