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Perspective study of Public Cloud: A highly scalable Cloud deployment model
  • Mangal Nath Tiwari
Mangal Nath Tiwari
Madhyanchal Professional University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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This study paper deals with various Cloud computing and deployment models provided by the Cloud. Cloud computing is the combination of two words, the term Cloud is just an Internet because with the internet we use different type of resources or services like storage, database, networking and server then the term computing is the data processing, storage over the Internet, so Cloud computing is basically the use of different types of services over the internet by individual or by the organization. We can say that the “Cloud computing” is a set of different types of hardware and software that work collectively to deliver many aspects of computing to the end user as online services. Cloud computing is an approach defined as internet based computing where virtual shared servers provide software, infrastructure, platform devices, and other resources and hosting to customers on a pay-as-use basis. These services are offered by shared network and other relevant IT resources on Private, Public, hybrid and community Cloud models.