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Notice of Removal & Expression of Concern "Conventional Planar Chiral Structures to Realize Meta-Mirror with Polarization Conservation and Circular Dichroism"
  • Arne Mitchell ,
  • Emma Johnson ,
  • Elizabeth Liddell
Arne Mitchell
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Emma Johnson
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Elizabeth Liddell
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Compared to simple mirrors, meta-mirrors have the ability to conserve the polarization of incident light in reflection. In previous decade, a lot of meta-mirrors designed for various applications. In this paper, a meta-mirror is demonstrated to simultaneously conserve the polarization of incident light and the circular dichroism.  A conventional chiral structure is used to design the meta-mirror in microwave regime. The chiral structure is C2-symmetric (breaking the rotational and mirror symmetries) for chirality inclusion into the meta-mirror. The design methodology uses the principle of febry-perot cavity which includes a sandwiched geometry. The substrate used to design the structure is Roger 5880 (a low-loss material at higher frequency bands) with copper material for chiral structure and back reflector.  Moreover, the meta-mirror shows the insensitivity towards incident angle of light. This meta-mirror can have a lot of applications in optical setup, communication, chiral absorption, spin-dependent reflections etc.