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FDTD Simulation of Hyperbolic Reflection Patterns of Ground Penetrating Radar Images around Subsurface Pipes for Accurate Estimation of Pipe Properties
  • Takahiro Yamaguchi ,
  • Tsukasa Mizutani
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Takahiro Yamaguchi
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Tsukasa Mizutani
The University of Tokyo

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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The increasing length of the subsurface pipe causes overlapping, accumulating, and sometimes the old pipe layout is not available. Consequently, accidents, damages, time delay and financial losses are occurred during construction of new structures or expanding the roadway or installing of new pipes. Therefore, the depth, diameter, material of the existing pipe as well as the map of the pipe are indispensable to know for appropriate construction planning and development work. Using this algorithm and genetic algorithm optimization, the radius of the field pipe was assessed with 83, 67 and 89% accuracy, the depth was estimated with 95, 95 and 98% accuracy considering the effect of the pipe radius. The effect of the pipe radius should be considered to calculate the pipe depth with higher accuracy. The material of the field pipe was successfully determined using the evaluated relative permittivity of the pipe. A 3D map of the field pipe was developed by applying the tracing algorithm and linear regression to the estimated depth.