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Comparison of Neurotypical and Autistic brain waves based on EEG analysis
  • Adit Shenoi
Adit Shenoi
California High school

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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It is commonly known that different brain waves are associated with different types of activities that we perform. This paper attempts to compare the activation states for Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma, Theta waves of three subjects, two of which are typical brains, and the third subject has Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The intent is to observe the brain patterns as the subjects perform conditions of normal and sports activity. We use Mind Monitor, MATLAB, EEGLAB to capture, analyze and plot the brain waves. We expected to observe differences in brain wave activation between typical and autistic brain. We also expected more activation in Alpha and Beta spectrums as those are associated more with the conditions we tested. The results were quite exciting as we saw differences in activation levels at the expected spectrum frequencies between the two types of brain. While this is more of a qualitative experiment than a quantitative one, we did observe a significant skew in Front Right Electrode activation for the autistic brain across all spectrums.