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Quasi-Fermi-Based Charge Transport Scheme for Device Simulation in Cryogenic, Wide-Band-Gap, and High-Voltage Applications
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  • Zlatan Stanojevic ,
  • Jose Maria Gonzalez Medina ,
  • Franz Schanovsky ,
  • Markus Karner
Zlatan Stanojevic
Global TCAD Solutions GmbH, Global TCAD Solutions GmbH

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Jose Maria Gonzalez Medina
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Franz Schanovsky
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Markus Karner
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In this preprint we present a novel approach to solving the transport problem in semiconductors.  We reformulate the drift-diffusion equations in terms of the quasi-Fermi-energies as solution variables; a drastic increase in numerical stability is achieved, which permits the simulation of devices at cryogenic temperatures as well as wide-band-gap devices using double precision arithmetic, instead of extended precision arithmetic which would otherwise be required to solve these applications using regular drift-diffusion.