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Towards dependable 6G networks
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  • Felipe Rodriguez ,
  • Ijaz Ahmad ,
  • Jyrki Huusko ,
  • Kari Seppänen
Felipe Rodriguez
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Ijaz Ahmad

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Jyrki Huusko
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Kari Seppänen
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6G communication networks must be highly dependable due to the huge number applications, services, and public infrastructures that will be dependant on it. However, the integration of vast number of technologies, ranging from physical layer up to the application layer, and diverse services ranging from entertainment to mission critical public services need investigation of the infrastructure from dependability point of view. We take four dependability concepts such as reliability, availability, safety and security, and discuss the dependability of 6G networks. Since intelligence and distribution of control functions and elements make the core of future networks, specific diligence is given federated learning and edge intelligence. This article, in summary, provides interesting insights into existing challenges and advocates future research through highlighting the most important research directions to make 6G dependable.