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A Sustainable Power Solution for Cattle Farms: Prototype of Power Generating Treadmill for Large Animate Prime Movers
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  • Muhammad Sarmad Javed ,
  • Muhammad Umar Hussain ,
  • Nouman Ahmad ,
  • Mohammad Sameer ,
  • Faizan Dastgeer ,
  • Muhammad Shahid Amin
Muhammad Sarmad Javed
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Muhammad Umar Hussain
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Nouman Ahmad
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Mohammad Sameer
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Faizan Dastgeer
University of Engineering and Technology

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Muhammad Shahid Amin
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This paper presents a prototype of a power generating treadmill for large animate prime movers i.e., living beings producing power. Instances of of animals which may be used as animate prime movers can be equines in a stable or bovines in a dairy farm or even caprines in a livestock farm etc. Such a machine can be beneficial for large dairy farms, as it might be able to make the farm self-sufficient and sustainable in terms of electricity by producing renewable power. Furthermore, it can also serve as an exercise set-up foe farms animals providing them with health benefits. The current paper discusses the initial phase of this work which began with small sized treadmill – subsequently, the concept was up-scaled and a large treadmill with iron frame and wooden bed was created along with tarpaulin belt and iron side barriers. A DC electric power generator was coupled to the front shaft of the treadmill for converting the muscular power of animals into electrical energy. The paper presents different phases of construction of this treadmill, electric power generation was finally tested via humans moving on the belt - the training phase of animals for the machine is to come subsequently.