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DraG4Rec: A Symmetrical View of User Preference and Item Popularity
  • Jingyu Gao ,
  • Chaohuan Hou ,
  • Sancong Ying
Jingyu Gao
Sichuan University, Sichuan University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Chaohuan Hou
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Sancong Ying
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Utilizing user-item interaction dynamics is crucial for providing efficient and precise sequential recommendations (SR). Besides earlier works based on Matrix factorization, Markov Chains, and RNNs, GCNs taking advantage of attention mechanism and Knowledge-enhanced NNs digging heterogenous auxiliary information recently made improvements. However, there still exist some problems: 1) existing works mainly focus on capturing user preference without considering the importance of item popularity; 2) introducing too much auxiliary information denies the independence of interaction behavior; 3) favoring high-order chronological history with heavy memory while ranking score referring different bias is unappreciated. To tackle these problems, we proposed DraG4Rec (Dual rating enhanced attention-based GCN for Recommendation), which makes symmetry of user preference and item popularity manifest great value. Specifically, we first merge ranking score, time, and position encoding for user/item representation in a bipartite graph. Then, an edge-view message-passing mechanism is imported into the attention-based GCN to use implicit 2-order historical information with less memory. Finally, user preference and item popularity are learned jointly. Extensive experiments on dense and sparse real-world datasets demonstrate the superior performance of our framework over state-of-the-art baselines regarding two commonly-used metrics: i.e., Recall and NDCG. The ablation study illustrates the boosting effect of different components.