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The Role of Finance in Navigating Agriculture through Agri-FinTech
  • Sreekanth Reddy Pothula
Sreekanth Reddy Pothula

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Financial sectors play a significant role in the agriculture domain to improve economic growth. Technological advancements attracted all stakeholders in agriculture to make use of it effectively. Agriculture, the oldest sector of human civilization, can enjoy rapid growth and sustainability by effectively utilizing current technology’s financial and communication applications. According to the old farm regulations, Agri-Fintech—a catchall phrase for using technology to finance farmers and the value chain—could be the key to increasing the profitability of farms and farmers. Through intelligent data intervention, market linkages, partnerships, and a physical strategy, lending to farmers, Farmer Producer Organizations(FPO), and other value chain actors have been demonstrated to be scalable. A significant borrower from banks and other financial institutions is the agriculture sector. This work explains how Agri-Techs become Agri-Fintech and what role banks play.