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“Quantum supremacy” revisited: Low-complexity, deterministic solutions of the Deutsch-Jozsa problem in classical physical systems
  • Laszlo Kish
Laszlo Kish
Texas A&M University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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The Deutsch-Jozsa problem is for a database of size N, where, according to their claim, the deterministic solution of the problem on a classical Turing computer requires O(N) computational complexity. They produced the famous Deutsch-Jozsa quantum algorithm that offered an exponential speedup over the envisioned classical computer, namely O[log(N)] complexity in a quantum computer. In the present paper, the Deutsch-Jozsa problem is implemented by two different algorithms on a Turing machine. It is shown that, similarly to the quantum algorithm, the Deutsch-Jozsa problem can deterministically be solved with O[log(N)] complexity on a classical computer with these algorithms.
Mar 2023Published in Royal Society Open Science volume 10 issue 3. 10.1098/rsos.221327