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CPM Remote: A Remote Access to the CPM Lab
  • Armin Mokhtarian ,
  • Bassam Alrifaee
Armin Mokhtarian
RWTH Aachen University - Embedded Software Laboratory

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Bassam Alrifaee
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Laboratories with model vehicles offer a middle ground between field tests and simulations. Thereby, the laboratories benefit from the advantages of more realistic setups and reduce acquisition and maintenance costs. However, the efficient use of a fixed laboratory presents further organizational hurdles. In addition, special hardware requirements, complex installation processes, and the cost and length of travel to the laboratories discourage users from getting involved. In this paper, we present the web app CPM Remote, which addresses these hurdles. The Cyber-Physical Mobility (CPM) Lab is an open source platform for networked and autonomous vehicles. Our online framework www.cpm-remote.de, provides a simulation environment and remote access to our CPM Lab (based in Aachen, Germany), making it accessible from anywhere in the world. The simulation environment is outsourced to our servers, reducing the hardware and software requirements of the users. CPM Remote aims to offer a userfriendly platform for making solutions to current research questions more transparent since results can be reproduced and extended quickly with little effort.