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Design of Embedded IoT based Medicine Feeder Box
  • Akshay Chinchanikar ,
  • Abhijit Titarmare
Akshay Chinchanikar
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G H Raisoni College of Engineering

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Abhijit Titarmare
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This paper introduced the development of the ESP Module-based pill reminder, which will enable patients to obtain a prescription at the right time and time. Assisted automation is another technology that can bring great benefits to humans. Today, however, only 2 out of 50 people use assistive automation due to its high cost, lack of information on the subject, and availability. By 2050, one in 20 households will need a support product and most adults will need 2 or more of her products. I also found that people pay more attention to their work than their health. This procedure aims to alleviate the problem by reminding you to take your medication anywhere within the designated time and to contact the appropriate contacts. It is a combination of a patient’s physical and digital memory, which is important for communities of all ages, but especially effective for physicians with disabilities who forget to take their medications. The main goal is to keep the system useful and cost effective. The presented system uses ESP Module, AC motor, PIR sensor, Buzzer with alarm used to bring victims closer to receive the required doses according to the doctor’s note at the right hour. This practical and economic program will treat older patients, especially illiterate patients. This smart pill box can alleviate the burden on elderly family members by reminding them to take their medication on time, especially with infections like Covid-19