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Multi-harmonic modulation in a fiber-optic gyroscope
  • Martin Miranda ,
  • Mikio Kozuma
Martin Miranda
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Mikio Kozuma
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Optimizing the bias modulation of a fiber-optic gyroscope is crucial to improving its precision. In this study, we propose and demonstrate the use of multiple harmonics of sinusoidal modulation as an intermediate alternative to the widely used modulation methods: sinusoidal and square-wave modulation. We show that this alternative integrates the advantages of each modulation method by providing a smooth modulation that produces a clean, spike-free output and a satisfactory signal-to-noise ratio. By using three harmonics of modulation in combination with a high frequency to reduce thermal phase noise, we obtained an angular random walk of 5.2(2) μdeg/√h and a bias instability of ∼10 μdeg/h.
01 May 2023Published in Sensors volume 23 issue 9 on pages 4442. 10.3390/s23094442