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Quantum Noise And Measuring Quantum Distance For NISQ Circuits
  • Sakibul Islam Sazzad ,
  • Protik Nag
Sakibul Islam Sazzad
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Protik Nag
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In this article, we analyzed the performance of several classes of quantum circuits under various errors. We executed NISQ circuits on both noisy simulator and real hardware backend publicly available from IBM Quantum. On simulation, we created noise models with both individual errors and combination of multiple errors to quantify how each type of error impact performance of quantum circuits. We utilized statistical distances such as total variation distance (TVD), Jensen-Shannon divergence (JSD), and Hellinger distance, to measure the deviation of noisy output from ideal output. Finally, we compare the noisy outputs from the simulator and outputs from the real hardware to showcase the gap between simulation and real device experiment. This gap points to the limitation of present noise models failure to exhibit the behavior of real hardware.