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ICD: VHR-oriented interactive change detection algorithm
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  • Zhuoran Jiang ,
  • Xinxin Zhou ,
  • Wei Cao ,
  • Zaihong Sun ,
  • Changbin Wu
Zhuoran Jiang
1.School of Geographic Sciences, 1.School of Geographic Sciences

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Xinxin Zhou
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Zaihong Sun
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Changbin Wu
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In recent years, deep learning has become the mainstream development direction in the change detection field, and its accuracy and speed have also reached a high level. However, the change detection method based on deep learning cannot predict all the change areas accurately, and its application is limited due to local prediction defects. For this reason, we propose an interactive change detection network (ICD) for very high resolution (VHR) based on a deep convolution neural network. The network integrates positive and negative click information in the distance layer of the change detection network, and users can correct the prediction defects by adding clicks. We carried out experiments on the open source dataset WHU and LEVIR-CD. By adding clicks, their F1-scores can reach 0.920 and 0.912, respectively, which are 4.3% and 4.2% higher than the original network. To better evaluate the correction ability of clicks, we propose a set of evaluation index—click correction ranges, which is suitable for evaluating clicks, and we carry out experiments on the above models. The results show that the method of adding clicks can effectively correct the prediction defects and improve the result accuracy.
27 Sep 2022Published in ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information volume 11 issue 10 on pages 503. 10.3390/ijgi11100503