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Approximating Optimal Estimation of Time Offset Synchronization with Temperature Variations
  • Maurizio Mongelli ,
  • Stefano Scanzio
Maurizio Mongelli
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Stefano Scanzio

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The paper addresses the problem of time offset synchronization in the presence of temperature variations, which lead to a non-Gaussian environment. In this context, regular Kalman filtering reveals to be suboptimal. A functional optimization approach is developed in order to approximate optimal estimation of the clock offset between master and slave. A numerical approximation is provided to this aim, based on regular neural network training. Other heuristics are provided as well, based on spline regression. An extensive performance evaluation highlights the benefits of the proposed techniques, which can be easily generalized to several clock synchronization protocols and operating environments.
Dec 2014Published in IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement volume 63 issue 12 on pages 2872-2881. 10.1109/TIM.2014.2320400