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Electronically Reconfigurable Reflectarray Antenna Based on Single-Layer Liquid Crystal with Independent Dual-Polarization Control
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  • Robert Guirado ,
  • Gerardo Perez-Palomino ,
  • Pablo de la Rosa ,
  • Eduardo Carrasco ,
  • Xabier Quintana
Robert Guirado
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Gerardo Perez-Palomino
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Pablo de la Rosa
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Eduardo Carrasco
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Xabier Quintana
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This paper introduces a low-cost, easy-tomanufacture, dual polarization reconfigurable reflectarray antenna based on Liquid Crystal (LC) that operates at W-band. The antenna is electrically large and is capable of independently steering the beam of two orthogonal polarizations. Two different implementations of single-layer unit cells (single resonant and multi-resonant) capable of providing suitable phase range to independently control the two RF polarizations with enough isolation have been investigated. The single resonant cell was finally used to design, manufacture and test a complete reflectarray antenna made of 55×55 elements, for which an accurate and efficient modeling of the cells was implemented. The effect of the LC bias lines is minimized by following a thorough impact study. At a cell level, the measurements validate both the modeling and the capability of the LC to be locally biased at the same cell provided that the biasing network and the resonators of each polarization are properly distributed. At an antenna level, the  measurements are predicted by simulations with excellent accuracy, which validates the design and modeling process. The measured antenna shows 35º of 1D scanning range with 25dBi gain and a maximum SLL of -9dB in the entire range for both polarizations at 98 GHz