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From Robots to Books-An Introduction to Smart Applications of AI in Education (AIEd)
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  • Aditya Narendra ,
  • Shubham Ojha ,
  • Siddharth Mohapatra ,
  • Ipsit Misra
Aditya Narendra
Center of Excellence-Artificial Intelligence,OUTR

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Shubham Ojha
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Siddharth Mohapatra
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Ipsit Misra
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The world around us has undergone a radical transformation due to rapid technological advancement in recent decades. The industry of the future generation is evolving, and artificial intelligence is the next change in the making popularly known as Industry 4.0. Indeed, experts predict that artificial intelligence will be the main force behind the following significant virtual shift in the way we stay, converse, and study, live, communicate, and conduct business (AI). All facets of our social connection are being transformed by this growing technology. One of the newest areas of educational technology is Artificial Intelligence in the field of Education (AIED). This study emphasis the different applications of Artificial Intelligence in education from both an industrial and academic standpoint. It highlights the most recent applications of AIED, with some of its main areas being the reduction of instructors’ burden and students’ contextualized learning novel transformative evaluations, and advancements in sophisticated tutoring systems. It analyses the AIED’s ethical component and the influence of this transition on people, particularly students and instructors as well. Finally, the article touches on AIEd’s potential future research and practices. The goal of this study is to introduce the present day applications of AIEd-based applications to its intended audience.