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Adaptive Framework for Long-term Sensory Home Training: a Proof of Principle Study
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  • Stefano Silvoni ,
  • Simon Desch ,
  • Florian Beier ,
  • Robin Bekrater-Bodmann ,
  • Annette Löffler ,
  • Dieter Kleinböhl ,
  • Stefano Tamascelli ,
  • Herta Flor
Stefano Silvoni
Institute of Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Simon Desch
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Florian Beier
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Robin Bekrater-Bodmann
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Annette Löffler
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Dieter Kleinböhl
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Stefano Tamascelli
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Herta Flor
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This preprint collection concerns the proof-of-principle study of an adaptive algorithm used in a long-term sensory home training. It consists of the description of the adaptive procedure and supplementary material to characterize the algorithm. The main aim of the study was to determine whether the designed adaptive framework based on operant learning and brain-plasticity principles is able to promote learning over a long period of time, and whether indicators of learning can be derived from individual training data. The increase of task demands over time was shown in combination with positive learning effects at individual level. The study represents the proof-of-principle of the methods which can form the basis to design training procedures engaging simple and complex abilities such as sensory perception, sensory integration, motor control, and testing of complex psychometric functions.