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ChatGPT on Characteristic Mode Analysis
  • Sandip Ghosal
Sandip Ghosal

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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ChatGPT is a natural language processing model based text-to-text AI interactive conversation platform developed using generative pre-trained architecture (GPT) by OpenAI. The present study utilizes the ChatGPT to understand the characteristic mode analysis-a popular numerical technique for antenna and array design in recent times. It was noted that ChatGPT can provide a basic understanding of characteristic mode theory in an elegantly simplified text language. However, being a data-driven model, its accuracy strongly depends on the data used to train the model, low accuracy is noted on predicting the names of the reference papers or related journal authors correctly in most cases. Another major limitation of using chatGPT is the lack of plagiarism check as it chooses sentences based on the training data resources.