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Industrial Metaverse: Solutions from a higher-dimensional world
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  • Yuchen Jiang ,
  • Okyay Kaynak ,
  • Hao Luo ,
  • Ming Liu ,
  • Shen Yin
Yuchen Jiang
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Okyay Kaynak
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Industrial Metaverse is a novel ecological system for modern industry. One of the most inspiring parts of Industrial Metaverse lies in the potential to restructure the industrial chain and to provide added value to all the stakeholders therein. It is being enabled by the deep intertwining of SOTA ICT (information & communication technology) and the real industrial economy. In this paper, we envision how the industrial metaverses form a higher-dimensional world on top of the physical world we live in and unfold discussion along the dimensions of “the enabling technologies” and “potential industrial application scenarios”. We will report some notable observations of pioneering projects from today’s industry/market, and then discuss the industrial metaverses from the perspectives of developers and users, respectively showing the technical requirements and the main benefits. A summary is given regarding the growing interest of industrial metaverses.