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Ultra-Thin Nona-Band Polarization Insensitive Metasurface for High-Quality Sensing, EMI-Shielding, and Antenna RCS Reduction
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  • Sanjay Chintakindi ,
  • Ateekh- Ur-Rehman ,
  • Praveen Kumar Madurai ,
  • Shilpee Patil ,
  • Himanshu singh ,
  • Yogendra K Awasthi
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Sanjay Chintakindi
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Ateekh- Ur-Rehman
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Praveen Kumar Madurai
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Shilpee Patil
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Himanshu singh
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Yogendra K Awasthi
Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and studies

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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In this article, a nona-band metasurface with unit cell dimensions of 0.038λo×0.038λo×0.019λo is designed on a FR-4 substrate of 1.0mm thickness with 35µm copper cladding. In TE/TM mode, the absorbance is greater than 99% at the intended frequency bands (i.e., 5.76, 8.6, 12.68, 14.38, 17.05, 17.94, 19.20, 20.88, 22.62, and 23.62GHz), and its reflectivity is almost zero. Results indicated that the metasurface is found to extremely independent on the angles of polarization of the incident wave and the absorber is almost insensitive to the incident angle (0° – 90°) for TE/TM modes. The unit cell of metasurface is having negative permittivity, near zero permeability and negative refractive index at all intended bands which confirm exotic properties of the metasurface. The metasurface is having high quality-factor (Q = 72) at 5.76GHz frequency therefore, this metasurface is also useful for dielectric sensing application in intended bands.[1]The metasurface’s unparalleled properties make it suitable for EMI shielding, sensing applications in the C, X, and Ku-bands, the reduction of mono-static RCS, the improvement of isolation in MIMO antennas, and the reduction of unintended noise produced by copper components used in satellite and RADAR communication.