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Dual-Using an AC-DC Transfer Standard for Determining Current Difference of Precision Shunt
  • Valentyn Isaiev
Valentyn Isaiev
SE Ukrmetrteststandard

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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The commercial AC-DC transfer standards are widespread at leading calibration and measurement laboratories for DC and low-frequency metrology. Therefore, possibilities of various combinations of applying such instruments, particularly to verify the results of calibrating the precision current shunts or for optimizing the available facility, are of interest. The peculiarities of dual-using the AC-DC transfer standard are outlined, investigated, and discussed. The analytical and computer modeling, as well as the technical and theoretical analyses, are presented. Deriving the set of equations for the description of current distribution in the measurement technique for determining the AC-DC current transfer difference of the tested shunt is one of the work achievements. The measurement results obtained following the presented approach were verified using two voltage converters (Fluke 792A and PMJ TC). Some points of measurement uncertainty evaluation also are illuminated in the paper