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Development of Energy Communities in Europe
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  • Andrei Morch ,
  • Hanne Sæle ,
  • Amedeo Buonanno ,
  • Martina Caliano ,
  • Marialaura Di Somma ,
  • Christina Papadimitriou
Andrei Morch
SINTEF Energy Research

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Hanne Sæle
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Amedeo Buonanno
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Martina Caliano
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Marialaura Di Somma
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Christina Papadimitriou
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This paper presents a review study of energy communities (ECs) in Europe, and discusses the future development of such communities in Europe – both related to energy technologies, energy carriers, regional conditions (North, Central and South of Europe), emerging regulatory development etc. From the analysis, it emerged that the future ECs in Europe will focus on utilizing local renewable energy sources (sun, wind, run of river, biogas, biomass), for covering all or part of the energy consumption for end-use customers. The ECs can be a sustainable alternative to large power plants based on fossil fuels. This is also linked to the emerging regulatory developments started when European Commission introduced such concepts in the “Clean Energy for all Europeans” package. The main goal of eNeuron H2020 project is to develop innovative tools for the optimal design and operation of ECs, integrating distributed energy resources and multiple energy carriers at different scales. Paper accepted at  EEM2022 Conference