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A Review Report on Big Data Analytics
  • Faizan Berlas
Faizan Berlas
Virtual University of Pakistan

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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The emergence of modern information systems, social media platforms, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, web and mobile applications, and other new technologies have resulted in the generation of huge amounts of data. Big data refers to extensive and diverse datasets that are generated from a wide range of sources and pose challenges in processing and analyzing using traditional data tools. Software systems that are designed to handle large and complex datasets are known as big data software systems. These are a collection of tools, technologies, and platforms designed to handle, process, analyze, and extract insights from big data. This research paper presents a comprehensive review of various aspects of big data software engineering, development tools, literature reviews, techniques, and terminologies. It offers valuable insights into the significant areas of big data that have undergone extensive research in recent years. By providing a thorough understanding of big data software systems, the paper serves as a valuable resource for researchers venturing into the realm of big data and seeking potential avenues for future research.Â