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Simulation Evaluation of Vehicle Movement Model Using Spacio-Temporal Grid Reservation for Automated Valet Parking
  • Kotaro Yamamoto ,
  • Rui Teng ,
  • Kenya Sato
Kotaro Yamamoto
Doshisha University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Kenya Sato
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Automated valet parking (AVP) systems aim to use automated driving technology to park a vehicle from the passenger’s boarding/exiting location to a parking space in a parking lot and recall the vehicle from the parking space to the boarding/exiting location. For multiple vehicles to move efficiently through a parking lot, travel must be mediated between each vehicle. We have proposed a driving control method that improves the efficiency of AVP by using the Spatio-Temporal Grid Reservation mechanism. We previously compared it with an autonomous driving model, which showed that the proposed method improved the efficiency of vehicle movement when vehicles are entering small parking lots. In the present paper, we evaluate our proposed method by comparing it with a vehicle movement model based on a method proposed in a related study, in addition to an autonomous driving model. We performed simulations varying the percentage of vehicles arriving at the parking lot and showed that the proposed method improves the efficiency of vehicle movement when vehicles are entering and exiting the lot.