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The Generation of Semantics in Natural Language and the Formation of Brain Intelligence
  • Lei Tang
Lei Tang
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In nature, the life phenomenon which is a kind of dissipative structure, which has less entropy than disordered state, was originated from the motion and interaction between a great number of microscopic matters. Human natural language can describe and interpret this matter world filled with the motions and interactions, and also naturally supports the subjective initiative of human. This paper emphasize that the language behavior also belongs to the category of general stimulation-response mechanism. Specially the brain neurons link with each other in 3D physical space, this forms the matter base of consciousness activity. It is well-known that the radial basis function representation principle is widely used in establishing the cognition ability of brain such as representing to color, sound, smell and gustation. For color representation, this paper uses a quantitative analysis method to approximately estimate the number of the single wavelength color attributes that can be represented by human brain, and introduces some inspirational examples in color cognition ability. It is known that the simple neuron in the primary cortex is able to extract the direction information of a line, and analogously as the representation principle of 3 basis colors this paper introduces the representation principle of 3 basis directions which can represent the direction information of a line and furtherly can extract the topology structure information of a shape. This paper emphasizes that the semantics in natural language exist in the neural fiber plexus nodes of the brain, and also introduces some inspirational examples in shape cognition behavior. Note that human knowledge is represented through natural language, this paper also elucidates the principle of matter primacy. Through summarizing the evolutionary process of human intelligence, we have found that the subjective initiative of human in behavior is most important characteristic that distinguishes human from animal. In the end of this paper, we explains that why the brain consumes less power and the limitations of human intelligence.