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Anti-Skid Aircraft Braking Mechanism using Consensus Control over Wireless Avionic Intra-Communication
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  • Zohaib Ijaz ,
  • Fadhil Firyaguna ,
  • Chih-Kuang Lin ,
  • Dirk Pesch
Zohaib Ijaz
University College Cork

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Fadhil Firyaguna
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Chih-Kuang Lin
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Dirk Pesch
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This article discusses the anti-skid braking control mechanism of an aircraft. A proportional-integral (PI) controller is used by wheels to generate the desired braking torque to stop the aircraft while landing. Potential runway variations are considered, which will affect the friction force available to each wheel. Variations in wheel forces generate drag torque, causing the aircraft to drift away from the runway. As a result, a supervisory consensus controller has been introduced, which will adjust the braking torque of each wheel to achieve equal force on each wheel. Losses due to the wireless communication channel affect the performance of the consensus controller; therefore, packet losses have been studied. The proposed model is tested and simulated to find out how well the consensus controller works over a noisy channel.