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Symbolic Meta-Modeling of RIS-Assisted FSO Communication Channels
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  • Alain Richard Ndjiongue ,
  • Telex M. Ngatched ,
  • Octavia A. Dobre ,
  • Harald Haas ,
  • Shin Hyundong
Alain Richard Ndjiongue
Memorial University of Newfoundland

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Telex M. Ngatched
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Octavia A. Dobre
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Harald Haas
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Shin Hyundong
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This paper derives symbolic models for end-to-end RIS-assisted FSO systems built on the fading model’s probability density functions (PDFs) characterizing the sub-channels. We study some of the most popular models and derive closed-form expressions of PDFs, cumulative distributions, and moment-generating functions that are further exploited to analyze systems’ performance. By comparing scenarios in which the sub-channels are similar and different, we provide a clear understanding of how the overall RIS-assisted FSO channel behaves, along with comparative results based on commonly used models.