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Novel Nano-Scale Computing Unit for the IoBNT: Concept and Practical Considerations
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  • Stefan Angerbauer ,
  • Franz Enzenhofer ,
  • Tobias Pankratz ,
  • Medina Hamidović ,
  • Andreas Springer ,
  • Werner Haselmayr
Stefan Angerbauer
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Franz Enzenhofer
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Tobias Pankratz
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Medina Hamidović
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Andreas Springer
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Werner Haselmayr
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The Internet of Bio-Nano Things (IoBNT) is a novel framework that has the potential to enable transformative applications in healthcare and nano-medicine. It consists of artificial or natural tiny devices, so-called Bio Nano Things (BNTs), that can be placed in the human body to carry out specific tasks (e.g., sensing) and are connected to the internet. However, due to their small size their computation capabilities are limited, which restricts their ability to process data and make decision directly in the human body. Thus, we address this issue and propose a novel nano-scale computing architecture that performs matrix multiplications, which is one of the most important operations in signal processing and machine learning. The computation principle is based on diffusion-based propagation between connected compartments and chemical reactions within some compartments. The weights of the matrix can be set independently through adjusting the volume of the compartments. We present a stochastic and a dynamical model of the proposed structure. The stochastic model provides an analytical solution for the input-output relation in the steady state, assuming slow reaction rates. The dynamical model provides important insights into the systems temporal dynamics. Finally, micro- and mesoscopic simulations verify the proposed approach.