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Decoupling the Influence of Cell Proliferation and Migration in Wound Healing Assays by Combining Laser Direct Write Photoablation and Mathematical Modeling
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  • Jayant Saksena ,
  • Madlin S. Alzoubi ,
  • Matthew E. Burow ,
  • Douglas B. Chrisey
Jayant Saksena
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Madlin S. Alzoubi
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Matthew E. Burow
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Douglas B. Chrisey
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Traditional in vitro scratch assays lack standardization due to poor control over wound geometry and fail to account for cell proliferation. Here, we developed a novel scratch assay that enables precise control over wound geometry using CAD/CAM laser photoablation and takes cell proliferation into consideration using a simple reaction-diffusion based mathematical model. We demonstrated that diffusivity in precisely photoablated cell layers serves as a more accurate measure of cell motility than the rate of gap closure. Further, we biologically validated this assay using cells harvested from patients and patient-derived xenografts to gain insights into the influence of the presence stromal cells on metaplastic and non-metaplastic triple negative breast cancer metastasis.