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Experimental Investigation of the Structural, Electrical, and Magnetic Properties of AgNbO3 Silver Nano bytes
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  • Junaid Khan ,
  • Shah Khalid ,
  • Pa gunda ,
  • Farhan Ahmad ,
  • Abdul Jabbar ,
  • Rabah Khenata ,
  • Muhammad Yar Khan ,
  • Heba G. Mohamed
Junaid Khan
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Shah Khalid
International Talent Technology Development Group Ltd

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Farhan Ahmad
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Abdul Jabbar
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Rabah Khenata
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Muhammad Yar Khan
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Heba G. Mohamed
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We studied the structural, electrical, and magnetic properties of pure and Li-doped AgNbO3 by using X-ray diffraction and a first-principles study. An analysis of X-ray diffraction shows that Pure AgNbO3 at room temperature has an orthorhombic structure with the Pmc2 symmetry space group. However, X=0 Li-doped AgNbO3 is orthorhombic with Pb cm symmetry, and the X= 0.5 symmetry structure is trigonal with R3c symmetry. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) indicates that all the ceramics have a nearly homogeneous composition and negligible influence of lithium concentration on sample porosity. Polarization vs. field curves show that for x=0, AgNbO3 (AN) is less ferroelectric, while the addition of 0.05% Li concentration to AN shows signs and no switchable evidence of linear ferroelectricity, the investigated properties showed that our material may have good optoelectronics applications.