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URRBP: Workflow for AI Accessibility Through Expert-Driven Prompt Engineering and Intelligent Model Management
  • Bill B. ,
  • Satish G.
Bill B.
Predict Expert AI

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Satish G.
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As the prominence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to grow, versatile and user-friendly interfaces are imperative for the effective utilization of AI models. This research paper explores URRBP concept from Predict Expert AI, a novel platform that provides seamless accessibility to a diverse range of AI models, addressing the challenges in interacting with various modalities through a unified interface. The primary obstacle identified in deploying AI-based solutions pertains to managing complexity in prompt engineering, model selection and interaction, and understanding the wide array of potential applications. Octo Rocks, a product from Predict Expert AI is using URRBP concept to converge these aspects into a single, user-friendly platform, simplifying AI model interaction and opening the gates for a new generation of AI-powered innovations.