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The Future of Medicine: Large Language Models Redefining Healthcare Dynamics
  • Ahshanul Haque ,
  • Md Naseef-Ur-Rahman Chowdhury ,
  • Fariha Ferdous Neha
Ahshanul Haque
New Mexico Tech, New Mexico Tech

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Md Naseef-Ur-Rahman Chowdhury
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Fariha Ferdous Neha


The medical care industry is on the cusp of an extraordinary period, with large language models (LLMs) arising as incredible assets for reclassifying medical care elements. This paper investigates the potential and effect of LLMs in different parts of medication, including diagnostics, patient consideration, drug revelation, and medical services organization. It dives into the open doors and difficulties introduced by LLMs, accentuating the moral contemplations and the requirement for capable reception. By looking at late turns of events and contextual investigations, this paper offers a brief look into the developing scene of medical services, where LLMs are ready to assume a focal part in reshaping the eventual fate of medication.