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Investigating the Effect of Mobile Phone Electromagnetic Waves on the Human Eye
  • Mohammad Amin Bozorgmanesh ,
  • Farshad Honar ,
  • Fatemeh Kowkabi
Mohammad Amin Bozorgmanesh
Department of Electrical Engineering

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Farshad Honar
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Fatemeh Kowkabi
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Rapid progress in various fields of science and technology in recent years has caused various adverse and predictable negative effects on the environment. Today, one of the most important biological problems is environmental electromagnetic pollution. The intensity of its electromagnetic radiation has become so widespread that it is currently known as one of the hidden and silent forms of pollution. One means of communication that is an inseparable part of daily life is the mobile phone. Research and surveys show that mobile phone waves have a negative effect on the human body. Our goal in this article is to study the effects of mobile phone electromagnetic waves on the human eye. In order to check the effect of these waves, the specific absorption rate (SAR) criterion is used. Because the rate of specific absorption in the eye is determined according to the absorption of energy in the eye tissues and the conversion of this absorbed energy into thermal energy, they increase the temperature of the eye tissues. In other words, the temperature distribution in the eye directly correlates with the rate of specific absorption. The results have shown that the tissue of the eye is susceptible. When the eye is exposed to waves, the eye’s temperature increases, and the antenna angle relative to the eye is effective in the rate of specific absorption. According to studies, the conclusion of this research indicates that without observing safety points, including maintaining distance, they can cause dangerous bodily complications.
2023Published in SSRN Electronic Journal. 10.2139/ssrn.4425726